Happy Valentine’s Day!

I still can’t get the hang of WordPress, but I’m trying. I haven’t been posting any recipes lately, but I’ve sure been busy, and busy cooking, too. However, since today is Valentine’s Day I thought I’d post a pic of my love and I sailing. We did a one week live aboard course with Colgate Offshore Sailing School this winter. This pic was snapped while we were cruising off of Captiva Island (I am the skipper!) on the Leopard 4600, the Escape Too.

Say hello to two (plus 2 friends) new US Sailing certified bareboat cruisers! Thank you, Offshore. We loved every minute.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.

Make sure you tell your friends and family you love them. Better yet, do what we did in Kindergarten today – give them a genuine compliment. A compliment is: TRUE, SPECIFIC, and POSITIVE.

See? Everything you need to know you DO learn in Kindergarten.


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