The Eastwick Martini

Cherries are in season now!


The first ripe cherry of the season brings soooo much pleasure. Eating cherries right out of a pretty bowl is pure decadence. Remember the cherry eating scene from The Witches of Eastwick movie?

A cherry pitter makes easy work of pitting cherries.

The Eastwick Martini

Makes 1


  • 5 pitted cherries
  • 2oz good vodka (using cherry vodka will make it sweeter)
  • 1oz. soda water
  • ½oz. Luxardo liqueur

Directions: If your martini glasses aren’t already stored in the freezer, add some ice and water to a martini glass to chill it while you make the martini.

Muddle the pitted cherries in a cocktail shaker. Add a cup of crushed ice, the vodka, and the Luxardo. Give it a quick shake and let it sit to mellow for 1-2 minutes. After 2 minutes, shake, shake, shake the cocktail shaker. The shaking releases more of the juices of the cherries and gets your martini perfectly chilled. Dump the ice and water out of the martini glass. Strain the contents of the cocktail shaker into the glass. Admire how pretty it is. Add the splash of soda water.

Variation: Add a splash of chocolate liqueur for a Chocolate Eastwick.



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