Genetically Modified Corn – Allergies to GMO Corn

“The U.S. government started approving GMO corn and soybeans for sale in the mid-1990s, and today, 88 percent of corn, and 93 percent of soybeans, are the transgenic varieties. Moreover, Mansmann and others contend that due to cross-pollination via winds, birds, and bees, there’s no such thing anymore as a GMO-free corn crop.” ~ Caitlin Shetterly


via Genetically Modified Corn – Allergies to GMO Corn


2 thoughts on “Genetically Modified Corn – Allergies to GMO Corn

    1. Reading about the future of our food supply is disconcerting. I just read a story about a young farming family having to sell their farm because people at the farmer’s market just don’t want to pay the true cost of good food. Our country spends around 6% of our income on food. Other countries spend more than 10%. We can afford to buy good food. There’s a much higher health-wise and ethical cost (factory farms are subsidized by the us-the government) to factory farmed meat and vegetables. I LOVE fresh corn, but I’m going to try very hard to not eat any corn, including organic non-gmo, from now on.

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