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I started this blog in 2013 as a way to share my favorite recipes and the stories behind them. I’ve been cooking since I was a child making snickerdoodle! I even took pictures of those so you know I come by food documentation naturally. The recipes I share are ones that I’ve developed over the years. Some are inspired by other recipes.

I’m a prolific home cook and take great pleasure in enjoying a good meal. I love a good cocktail, too! I have some professional culinary and mixology training under my belt and know my way around a kitchen, but really I am a home cook that loves spending time in my kitchen. The way to become a better cook is to just do it. It helps to have a sense of humor for when things don’t turn out the way you wanted. Sometimes your biggest mistake can become a new and fresh recipe.

I love my home and the gardens I’ve designed and nurtured over the years. Some of my peonies are 32 years old! I love all things Irish and French and you may see pictures and anecdotes reflecting that love.

My favorite meals are simple, seasonal, and straightforward dishes where all the senses are awakened. Eating is a sensorial experience after all! I support the Slow Food movement, small farms, and local farmstands. Supporting local farmers brings money to our local economy and with that comes food security and safety. Make friends with a farmer! Choose local.

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Check out the EWG’S DIRTY DOZEN list and THE CLEAN FIFTEEN when you’re out shopping for produce.

Here’s a good way to support local. When you’re out shopping look for:

#1. organic local

If no #1, then source …

#2. local farms that utilize IPM (integrated pest management) methods

If no #1 and #2 available, then source …

#3. organic shipped products

and lastly, and more importantly

#4 Save yourself some money and buy in season! Put down the strawberries at the grocery store in January. Go buy some frozen organic berries. They are picked at the peak of ripeness and frozen right away.

My philosophy on buying Meats and Seafood:

I believe it’s important to source your meats from local, sustainable farms that are raising their animals on grass and pasture for their entire lives, like they were meant to do. You’ll notice a flavor difference right away and your body will thank you for the extra nutrition.

For more info on the health benefits of eating grass-fed & finished meats click here.

Living near the coast makes finding fresh seafood easy. To find out which fish is sustainable and OK to eat, check out this guide from Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. There’s an app for that! Get the app here.

Cin! Cin!

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  1. Love reading your blog, keep it coming! I might even try a few recipes although I would much rather you would cook for me. 🙂

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