8833cda1a605ab7f7c65e948365085a2Hello and welcome.

I am a wife, mum, dog lover, chicken whisperer, beekeeper, head chef, party co-host, Montessorian, herbalist, Stott Pilates trained instructor, chief home decorator/designer, head gardener, landscaper, and supermodel trophy wife. Well, the last one I added in for fun.

All recipes on this blog are my own unless specified otherwise. I like sharing my family-approved recipes and hope that you’ll try some and let me know how you liked them. Be sure to buy the freshest, most local, and in season produce you can afford. If it’s organic and local you are winning. You’ll definitely notice a difference in taste and you’ll be eating something more nutrition dense while supporting a local farmer. Better yet – grow your own!

My philosophy on buying ingredients:

#1. organic local

If no #1, then source …

#2. local farms that utilize IPM (integrated pest management) methods

If no #1 and #2 available, then source …

#3. organic shipped products

and lastly, and more importantly

#4 Save yourself some money and buy in season! Put down the strawberries at the grocery store in January. Go buy some frozen organic berries.

My philosophy on pasture raised, grass fed and finished meat:

I believe it’s important to source your meats from local, sustainable farms that are raising their animals on grass and pasture for their entire lives, like they were meant to do. You’ll notice a flavor difference right away and your body will thank you for the extra nutrition. Supporting local farmers brings money to our local economy and with that comes food security and safety. Make friends with a farmer! Choose local.

For more info on the health benefits of eating grass-fed & finished meats click here.

Living near the coast makes finding fresh seafood easy. To find out which fish is sustainable and OK to eat, check out this guide from Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. There’s an app for that! Get the app here.


I hope you enjoy your visit. Come back again!

You can also find me hanging out on Instagram here and here (my yellow Labs, Birchwoods Sage & Ocean Spray Violette).

Cheers! Kim


“Imagine if we had a food system that actually produced wholesome food. Imagine if it produced that food in a way that restored the land. Imagine if we could eat every meal knowing these few simple things: What it is we’re eating. Where it came from. How it found its way to our table. And what it really cost. If that was the reality, then every meal would have the potential to be a perfect meal. We would not need to go hunting for our connection to our food and the web of life that produces it. We would no longer need any reminding that we eat by the grace of nature, not industry, and that what we’re eating is never anything more or less than the body of the world. I don’t want to have to forage every meal. Most people don’t want to learn to garden or hunt. But we can change the way we make and get our food so that it becomes food again—something that feeds our bodies and our souls. Imagine it: Every meal would connect us to the joy of living and the wonder of nature. Every meal would be like saying grace.” ~ Michael Pollan

©Kimberley Klibansky and Family, Friends, Farms, and Food, 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of photos, excerpts, and links without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Photos, excerpts, and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kimberley Klibansky and Family, Friends, Farms, and Food with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.




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  1. Love reading your blog, keep it coming! I might even try a few recipes although I would much rather you would cook for me. 🙂

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